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Yeah, I'm super interesting

Hi, I'm Random, and I Totally Approve This Survey!
Created by unexpected1-85 and taken 660 times on Bzoink
Does the music you listen to influence your emotions?: sometimes
Do you know what the "Ring Around the Rosy" song is really about?: yesh (whee, the plague!)
Have you ever looked at scenery and thought it would make a good painting?: once or twice
Ryan Seacrest: annoying or entertaining?: annoying
Have you ever flushed a fish down the toilet after it died?: I haven't personally done this, but my mom has had to
You're at the movies. Do you choose seats in the front, middle, or back?: middle-ish
Do you believe the stories about the Bermuda Triangle?: not so much
When you get pregnant (or impregnate), do you want to know the baby's sex?: sure? I don't really think that I'll want kids though
Would you like MTV to pimp your ride?: not really
Do you like to embarass your friends in public?: not really
Who is one celebrity you'd NEVER want to meet, and why?: I don't know...Toby Keith (ewwwww)
Are you textually active?: teehee
Someone comes into the room you're in. What do you grab to defend yourself?: whatever is closest
Do you eat cake with a spoon or fork?: fork
When you were younger, did you ever play MASH?: ...I don't think so
What would you do if Publisher's Clearing House came to your front door?: I'd probably do something awkward and embarrasing
You're camping. Two choices: outhouse or in the woods? Choose one.: outhouse
Do you keep movie/concert ticket stubs after they're over?: yeah
Do you play air guitar?: sometimes (I'm super cool, I promise)
When you get a bucket of chicken, what parts do you go for first?: I don't like chicken
Did you ever make mud pies when you were little?: yes!
Do you have reoccurring dreams or nightmares?: not really
Do you have split ends?: nope
If you saw life in black & white, would that be okay with you?: for a day or two...then not so much
What's the wierdest headline you've seen on the National Enquirer magazine?: the one where Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden adopt a baby (from the Weekly World News, not the Enquirer)
Your friend has a huge visible booger! Do you tell him/her?: probably not...I'd probably just awkwardly not look at his/her face
Ever pulled the "see-food" joke at the dinner table?: maybe when I was younger
What is the best kind of Pop-Tarts?: brown suger cinnamon
If you were staying in a hotel & the fire alarm went off, would you freak?: yeah
Have you ever talked to a person you didn't know in a different accent?: nope
Could you perform CPR if necessary?: not so much
If Miley Cyrus was stranded by the side of the road, would you pick her up?: no, but I probably wouldn't pick up anyone I didn't know
Has a vending machine ever gratified you with free items?: maybe once, I don't exactly remember
You see a $100 bill float by you on a windy day. Do you chase after it?: maybe?
Have you ever actually SEEN a tornado?: no, thank goodness
If the date was Friday the 13th, would you be extra cautious?: nope
Would you vote for your mom for president if you guys had different views?: nope
What subject are you most knowledgeable about?: I don't know...stuff?
What's your favorite Adam Sandler movie?: Billy Madison
Why isn't Saturday Night Live funny anymore?: different writers, different cast
Chairs are being thrown. Do you do the Jerry chant? "JERRY! JERRY!": nooooo
Does it honestly bother you when you look at someone's hair and see roots?: depends
Your Internet is down. How do you spend your time now?: home- read or watch TV; school- panic (haha, kidding...mostly)
What Internet advertisement are you tired of seeing?: the ones where you are supposed to guess how many triangle there are
What is the first R-rated movie you saw?: Titanic
Do you have a "lucky" item you carry with you often? What is it?: none
Do you whistle while you work?: no, but I sometimes sing (depending on what work I'm doing)
Have you ever kept a stray animal?: no
Why does Disney keep making sequels?: to make money
Would you recommend someone to vacation where you live?: hahahahahaha. No.
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
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Jun. 9th, 2009 06:33 am (UTC)
-Do you like to embarrass your friends in public?
-No, but I know someone who does... (3 guesses haha)

-Someone comes into the room you're in. What do you grab to defend yourself?:
-Their testicles.

Titanic is rated R???
Mine was probably Elizabeth. ...Or was that my first PG-13 movie?? I can't keep track any more.

Also chicken is delicious. You should eat it. Nom. (Game.)

Also you do too have a lucky item that you carry around with you all the time: Your EPIC TITS! Definitely lucky.

Also we got you cute things at hippie christmas. Also I LUV OO!! ^_^
Jun. 9th, 2009 05:11 pm (UTC)
Wow, I just checked IMDB and found out Titanic is PG-13 (which makes sense based on content), but now I have no clue what my first R-rated movie was.

Also, if my tits are lucky, then their luck sure doesn't apply to finding a "nice" (that term is subjective; my definition of nice is different from most people's) boy to feel them up (after, you know, dating for awhile and stuff).
Jun. 9th, 2009 05:12 pm (UTC)
P.S. Luvs you too.
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