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 My hair is so boring anymore.



Halloween costumes

 Once and for all, I must decide on a halloween costume.  Some ideas:

- Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz [I already have everything I need for this costume.  Though it would feel weird since we rejected this as a group idea.]

- Stuff White People Like [I have basically everything I need to be a stereotypical white person except a couple accessories (coffee cup, scarf, etc.).  Plus, it's clever and no one else will be it.  Though no one will recognize it either.]

- Gypsy/Hippie/Pirate [They look similar with a few tweaks here and there depending on which I go as.]

- Fairy [I was one last year, so maybe a bit boring.]

- Lola from Run Lola Run [I'd need red hair dye.  That's it.]

- Harley Quinn [I'd need two pairs of tight/legging/socks and some makeup at the very least.  It would be pretty hot.]

- Hugo Ball reading Karawane [cardboard/poster board. silver spray paint?]

- Clockwork Orange [We'd need a group.  But I'd really only need a bowler hat.  Maybe a tank top.  One of us would need a cane (phallic symbol!)...]

- Any decade ('20s, '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s...)

- Flapper (yes, I know that fits in with the above category, but it would be cool.  I might be too expensive though...)

- Cat.

"I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, 'If this isn't nice, I don't know what is.'"
   - Kurt Vonnegut

Yeah, I'm super interesting

Hi, I'm Random, and I Totally Approve This Survey!
Created by unexpected1-85 and taken 660 times on Bzoink
Does the music you listen to influence your emotions?: sometimes
Do you know what the "Ring Around the Rosy" song is really about?: yesh (whee, the plague!)
Have you ever looked at scenery and thought it would make a good painting?: once or twice
Ryan Seacrest: annoying or entertaining?: annoying
Have you ever flushed a fish down the toilet after it died?: I haven't personally done this, but my mom has had to
You're at the movies. Do you choose seats in the front, middle, or back?: middle-ish
Do you believe the stories about the Bermuda Triangle?: not so much
When you get pregnant (or impregnate), do you want to know the baby's sex?: sure? I don't really think that I'll want kids though
Would you like MTV to pimp your ride?: not really
Do you like to embarass your friends in public?: not really
Who is one celebrity you'd NEVER want to meet, and why?: I don't know...Toby Keith (ewwwww)
Are you textually active?: teehee
Someone comes into the room you're in. What do you grab to defend yourself?: whatever is closest
Do you eat cake with a spoon or fork?: fork
When you were younger, did you ever play MASH?: ...I don't think so
What would you do if Publisher's Clearing House came to your front door?: I'd probably do something awkward and embarrasing
You're camping. Two choices: outhouse or in the woods? Choose one.: outhouse
Do you keep movie/concert ticket stubs after they're over?: yeah
Do you play air guitar?: sometimes (I'm super cool, I promise)
When you get a bucket of chicken, what parts do you go for first?: I don't like chicken
Did you ever make mud pies when you were little?: yes!
Do you have reoccurring dreams or nightmares?: not really
Do you have split ends?: nope
If you saw life in black & white, would that be okay with you?: for a day or two...then not so much
What's the wierdest headline you've seen on the National Enquirer magazine?: the one where Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden adopt a baby (from the Weekly World News, not the Enquirer)
Your friend has a huge visible booger! Do you tell him/her?: probably not...I'd probably just awkwardly not look at his/her face
Ever pulled the "see-food" joke at the dinner table?: maybe when I was younger
What is the best kind of Pop-Tarts?: brown suger cinnamon
If you were staying in a hotel & the fire alarm went off, would you freak?: yeah
Have you ever talked to a person you didn't know in a different accent?: nope
Could you perform CPR if necessary?: not so much
If Miley Cyrus was stranded by the side of the road, would you pick her up?: no, but I probably wouldn't pick up anyone I didn't know
Has a vending machine ever gratified you with free items?: maybe once, I don't exactly remember
You see a $100 bill float by you on a windy day. Do you chase after it?: maybe?
Have you ever actually SEEN a tornado?: no, thank goodness
If the date was Friday the 13th, would you be extra cautious?: nope
Would you vote for your mom for president if you guys had different views?: nope
What subject are you most knowledgeable about?: I don't know...stuff?
What's your favorite Adam Sandler movie?: Billy Madison
Why isn't Saturday Night Live funny anymore?: different writers, different cast
Chairs are being thrown. Do you do the Jerry chant? "JERRY! JERRY!": nooooo
Does it honestly bother you when you look at someone's hair and see roots?: depends
Your Internet is down. How do you spend your time now?: home- read or watch TV; school- panic (haha, kidding...mostly)
What Internet advertisement are you tired of seeing?: the ones where you are supposed to guess how many triangle there are
What is the first R-rated movie you saw?: Titanic
Do you have a "lucky" item you carry with you often? What is it?: none
Do you whistle while you work?: no, but I sometimes sing (depending on what work I'm doing)
Have you ever kept a stray animal?: no
Why does Disney keep making sequels?: to make money
Would you recommend someone to vacation where you live?: hahahahahaha. No.
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
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Why The Academy Awards Don't Matter

A Nice Little Article By A.O. Scott of the New York Times (also, my favorite film critic):


My thoughts:

I have almost no interest in this year's awards.  The nominated films seem...common, like they have this formula for "Oscar success" [i.e. literary adaptations and biopics].

The most interesting (AND heartwarming) film I saw all year was Wall-E.  The Dark Knight was also high quality, although not as good as all the hype would have you believe.  As far as "more intelligent" (i.e. pretentious) fare is concerned, I really, really want to see Fatih Akin's latest ("The Edge of Heaven"...I'm not sure what the for reals German title is) and Jonathan Demme's "Rachel Getting Married."

Even looking at critics top ten lists for the year, and you'll see the inrelevance of the Oscars.  A.O. Scott's only has one Oscar nominated Best Picture on it: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/21/movies/21scot.html
There was another one where MSN polled 10-ish critics and compiled their results, where at least five of the films were foreign.  This is, in part, because of the writer's strike of last year, but partly because American cinema isn't always concerned with originality in story or even in technical aspects like cinematography or editing.

Basically, the movies nominated for best picture this year at the Oscars do not intrigue me.  I wish every year could be like last year, where all the best picture nominees where interesting on some level, if not always good.

So it's the first Friday in February and that means that it is time for my first 101 in 1001 update!

original list here: http://shortsarahrose.livejournal.com/9875.html

So far I have completed three goals and am working on a bunch of other ones3 done; progress on lots moreCollapse )


Read more...Collapse )


For Tara: After Walker Evans

Sherrie Levine rephotographed Depression Era photos by Walker Evans and created the series "After Walker Evans."

More info here:


Happy Birthday, Rene Magritte!

Surrealism is pretty cool.  And Magritte was an inspiration for Andy Warhol and Terry Gilliam, so he can't be that bad ;^)

Also, this is not a pipe.


Special Thanks to the Google homepage for alerting me to Magritte's bday.

Seeing whole

I'm oddly happy today.  It's a good thing.

Also E.M. Forster is pretty cool:

    They parted without shaking hands: she had kept the interview, for his sake, in tints of the quietest grey. Yet she thrilled with happiness ere she reached her own house. Others had loved her in the past, if one may apply to their brief desires so grave a word, but those others had been "ninnies"--young men who had nothing to do, old men who could find nobody better. And she had often "loved," too, but only so far as the facts of sex demanded: mere yearnings for the masculine, to be dismissed for what they were worth, with a smile. Never before had her personality been touched. She was not young or very rich, and it amazed her that a man of any standing should take her seriously. As she sat trying to do accounts in her empty house, amidst beautiful pictures and noble books, waves of emotion broke, as if a tide of passion was flowing through the night air. She shook her head, tried to concentrate her attention, and failed. In vain did she repeat: "But I've been through this sort of thing before." She had never been through it; the big machinery, as opposed to the little, had been set in motion, and the idea that Mr. Wilcox loved, obsessed her before she came to love him in return.  (Howard's End, ch. 18, pg. 141 in the Penguin Classics Edition)


It is what the title suggests: lists of stuff.

Music artists I need to listen to more of (found through Pandora and various other sources):                                                                                        
1. Frou Frou
2. Stars
3. Sufjan Stevens
4. Pilate
5. Bjork
6. Mireh
7. Imogen Heap
8. Flyleaf
9. Math and Physics Club (that's a pretty awesome name for an indie band, right?)
10. Elliot Smith
11. Elvis Perkins
12. The Decemberists
13. The Shins
14. The Pixies
15. The Arcade Fire
16. The Reindeer Section

Potential Halloween Costumes:
1. British Orphan from the Victorian Era (archetypal Dickens character)
2. Punk
3. Lola from the film "Run Lola Run" (really I would just be wearing clothes and have an excuse to dye my hair bright red)
4. Ceseare or Caligari from "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari"
5. Flapper girl
6. Rave Girl
7. Indie kid and/or Juno
8. Grunge kid
9. Pirate (ALWAYS an option)
10. Hippie
11. '50's Girl
12. Geisha
13. Harajuku Girl (clearly, I just want to be Japanese)
14. Gypsy/Fortune Teller/Mystic
15. Belly Dancer
16. Alice from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
17. Cat (mrow)

Doesn't it just figure that I come with a bunch of costume ideas after Halloween is over? haha.  Feel free to steal any of these ideas or comment with ideas of your own.

I'll add stuff to both lists as I think of it.