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So it's the first Friday in February and that means that it is time for my first 101 in 1001 update!

original list here: http://shortsarahrose.livejournal.com/9875.html

So far I have completed three goals and am working on a bunch of other ones



-work my way up to the hard level on Rock Band (and not completely fail):
Wheeee! So much fun.  Technical stuffs: Song - "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers; Instrument: Bass
I forgot how well I did...I wanna say 88% or something like that.  It's not the hardest song in the world, but I felt accomplished :^)

-update facebook page:
not difficult.  I think it looks less cluttered now and better reflects my interests.

-fill out interests on LJ:
also not difficult.  wheeee!

In Progress:
-pick a major:
I'm pretty much settled on Art History with an IA in Film Studies.  I'm still debating what to do (or not do) with German. Hmmm.

-research grad school programs:
ok, so I was originally going to wait til summer on this, but...sometimes I get bored.  Also, I think UChicago is my top choice at the moment.  But there is plenty more time.  Basically I'm just in love (lust?...if that is possible with abstract ideas) with the idea of studying at UChicago and living in an apartment with Tara.  Haha.  Next step: research Art Institute in Chicago, Northwestern, UW-Madison, U of M-Twin Cities (I considered going there as an undergrad, but the size overwhelmed me...maybe better for grad school?), NYU, etc.  Basically, have a list of places that I should visit/learn more about next year.

-lose between 5 and 15 lbs.
I don't have access to a scale, but when my dad visited me last Friday, he said that it looked like I had lost weight. Whee.

-make excercise a habit
um...sort of.  with my current class schedule, though, I don't always have time to work out mid-afternoon like I like to do.  Next term should be better cause all of my class are in the morning, and I'll have my afternoons free.  Also, dancing madly around my room is fun.  Walking to Walgreens is also good (and useful when I need to buy vitamins or printer ink).

-try new foods
My friend Joyce made "dead bread."  Not my favorite cause I'm not a big fan of anise, but I tried something.

-find reasons to wear dresses
Pie and Hooker Night! Wheee! [also, this will be waaaaayy too hard to explain if you weren't there.  Let it suffice that I dressed like an "escort" and there was pie].  Also, I get to wear a dress tomorrow for the Swing Dancing club's charity ball.  Yay!

-grow hair long (to the middle of my back)
still haven't cut it.  it hits just a bit below my collarbone

-download all the DCFC LPs and EPs that I don't have
I bought Plans, so I have their three "major" works now (Transatlanticism, Plans, and Narrow Stairs).  Now I just need all of the earlier stuff that I don't know as well :^)

-download more music by Weezer, Belle & Sebastian, the Shins, Sufjan Stevens, and whoever else I like
I have one free song download, but I can't decide what song to download cause I don't want to download one song if I know that I am going to want the whole album later.  I'm thinking "Let Go" by Frou Frou will probably be the final decision. Hmmm...

-Finish transfering my CD collection onto iTunes and selected stuff from my parents'/sister's collections
I got some stuff from my sister before going to school (yay Juno soundtrack!).  However, this is kinda a boring process/I lack motivation

-watch all the Academy Award nominated Best Pictures from the previous year
technically I've seen them all at least once (Juno twice and There Will Be Blood four? times), but I have this belief that you can't really form your opinion of a movie until the second time you've watched it.  I plan on watching them over reading period (also a good way to procrastinate on my history take home midterm haha)

-Create my own luck!
Basically, stop waiting for good things to happen and take more control of my life.  It's a long, involved story, but let it suffice that I'm trying to control my presence in my "friend group" more.

-have an actual relationship (or, be fine without one)
well, I sort of have crushes on three boys.  one doesn't really count cause it is a "pity crush" cause his girlfriend is being kinda of a bitch.  the other two guys I have crushes on happen to be roommates.  At the moment, I'm just enjoying "boy watching" or whatever.

-comment more on people's LJ entries/fb stuff
mostly good, but I should start commenting on stuff by people who I know but am not super close with more (cause I only tend to comment if I know the person super well or not at all)

-start more conversations (in person/online)
online, I'm doing fine. in person, I still struggle

-repair a friendship I've neglected (or flat-out destroyed)
I'm making an effort to hang out with a couple people who I haven't seen as much this year.  That sort of counts.

-be more decisive when making small decisions
mostly good, but stuff like music and food is still kinda difficult.  but some improvement here

-always have money in my checking account and cash on hand
so far so good, though I've possibly been spending too much on yummy hot chocolate/baked goods haha.  this will improve once my tax return is deposited into my checking account in a few weeks? or so

-save spare change
all good here

-stop being so much of a hermit and be social
I was doing really well for most of January, but sometimes my friends can be, well, less than sensitive to my feelings (aka, if you have a boyfriend, don't flirt with the guy I have a crush on), so I've been hanging out with them less and trying to hang out with other people more.  It takes more effort, but it seems to be worth it.

-be less bitter, resentful, etc.
this has been kinda hard because of the aforementioned friend issues and because one of my friends is *thisclose* to being in a relationship, so I'm kinda jealous.  I just have to keep reminding myself of all the good things I have.  More work is needed here.

-make new friends
one new LJ friend! Hi <lj user="tehpenoffluffy">! no new real life friends, but this is more likely to happen at the begining of the school year.

-celebrate my birthday each year
plans to possibly go to IHOP with people for waffles on my birthday. nom waffles nom.

-go swing dancing 2 or 3 times a term while at school
I've gone once so far this term (true, I didn't dance, but it still counts cause I went), plus the Charity Ball is tomorrow, so that will be twice this term already (and we're only halfway through it)

-upload photos to facebook more promptly
they are on my computer, I just have to put them on facebook. Maybe tomorrow if I have time before the Charity Ball

-post to LJ once a week
easypeasy...also, I've made it a rule that they must be either public or friends only...not custom friend group posts count for this goal.  Also also, this update is my weekly post for this week! Yay!

-post update about this list once a month on LJ
done for January/early February



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